Eclipse Scout Webservice Integration (JAX-WS)

Eclipse Scout recently completed the IP process for our JAX-WS integration. This integration lets the developer  easily consume and publish webservices from within Scout applications.

To help you get started we have also added a wiki tutorial that gets you something like the screenshot below:

Sample Scout App: Get Stock Quotes for a given ticker symbols

As we often find it helpful (in both development and maintenance) to know the exact content of a webservice call we can combine webservices and logging through the use of handlers

Scout SDK: Adding a webservice handler

In the tutorial we use this to create a DatabaseLogHandler though which we record all messages. In the past such loggin functionality has helped us to save a great deal in incident analysis (the other systems failed) and bug fixing (we were to blame …)

Scout Tutorial App: Message Logging for Webservices

For next year’s Eclipse Con we’ve also submitted a talk where we demonstrate how simple it is to create a webservice producers and consumers with Eclipse Scout :-)

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